Ascended Creations

Ascended Creations is a spiritually guided project to aid the collective in spiritual advancement, alignment, authenticity, and healing.

We work with spirit guides, such as the higher self, The Galactic Federation of Light, and angels. Ascended Creations serves you in making your ascension process easier and smoother.

Healing & Guidance

Our Services Help You To:

  • Transform to your highest potentential

  • Create and manifest your dreams

  • Become the best version of you

  • Anchor in the highest timeline

    Your higher self sent you here, with love and light, from our hearts to yours.

Heather channeled her spirit guide for over 15 years. She proceeded in connecting with extraterrestrials, angels, and spiritual teachers. Her go-to channeling sources are her higher self, Archangel Michael, Eleihah (9th dimensional Pleiadian group consciousness), and The Nine (a 11th dimensional Arcturian council).  She studied with Rising Phoenix Aurora   and became certified in Quantum Alchemy Channeling, Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading, Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (RAAH) reiki, and Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy Hypnosis (A.U.R.A). She is currently studying with Akasha Ra Azurite, connecting with deities and learning more about spiritual manifestation and light language healing.  

Heather obtained her reiki masters and studied past life regression. She is also a licensed clinical mental health therapist in the state of Indiana. 

About Us

Adrianna has always felt a connection to Native American culture, shamanism, nature, and animals. She has always wanted to better-align her outside life in order to fully shine on the inside. After 28 years, she has finally taken a leap of faith and commitment to living authentically in order to align with her higher self, release her ego and limiting beliefs, and follow her true passion and mission in life. It is her wish to help others find this same inner peace and alignment in order to live as their true, authentic, higher selves and fulfill their life's purpose. She has coaching certificates from Achology and Transformation Academy and a meditation certificate from Transformation Academy. Adrianna is attuned for reiki.

Adrianna is currently studying with Akasha Ra Azurite, learning about Merkaba mechanics, light language healing, and how to live an organic life.