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Channeled information to expand your spiritual consciousness. 

Channeling is a form of telepathic communication with higher spiritual beings. Ascend and expand awareness through teachings from the Galactic councils of light. 

ATTENTION:  Personal sessions are not provided at this time. We are taking this new direction due to awakening to our mission as an ancient wisdom keeper and recognizing the best way to serve. Stay tuned for books and courses to help you expand in awareness and love. 


Are you ready for transformation, self-love, and harmony?


We are in the process of writing sacred information about escaping illusions and distortions with the help of The Nine, a collective Arcturian group. The main text will be available on Amazon and we will be offering the companion book and workbook for free on this site (physical copies can be bought off Amazon as well). 

Our Wisdom Keepers


Channeler, Author, Teacher, and Graphic Designer


Assistant and Life Coach

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