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What is the Matrix - Channeled by The Nine (Arcturians)

- Audio Transcribed

If we call your world a matrix, it is because there is a certain knowledge and a certain story, meaning that your knowledge is contained. You have only so much information that is available to you. One way to think of this is a container, a box, and many have represented it that way. The information, the energy field that is presented to you is dense.

There are others who have said that you can go beyond this blueprint that you hold, that you can go beyond the box. And it is true. It is accurate. You can go beyond. But the information keeps you from going beyond. You do not know what beyond means. And as we speak, you are waking up and you are understanding that there is a grander sense, there is a grander form than your present reality. You have become fixated on this information. You have been fixated on that, the data stream that you have in front of you. Meaning that you see only what you see and you hold onto that as your reality. You hold onto it and you do not understand that all things can be. All things are there for you to hold within yourself. Meaning if you do not have something, you can build it. You can create it.

And even if you think that you have an idea of what can be, there is always more. We have the potential for all of it. And this reality that you live in is broken. Broken to the extent that you do not need it anymore. You do not need to hold it anymore. It is beautiful that we are escaping it. You were never really trapped for that is an illusion as well, but this experience of being trapped is coming to an end. The illusion of being trapped is coming to an end. You have never been contained, but it is in your reality for you to experience that you were contained and you are breaking free.

You are bringing yourself into the new state of awareness in which all is presented to you. All the dimensions are coming. All the dimensions are there. And as you tap into this, you can free yourself and you can move into that and you can feel it. Mastering your energy enough to have it and to feel it coming and to integrate.

So when we speak of this matrix, it is because there has been an artificial sense of what you would call physical reality. You have been in a box that has kept you in physical reality and you now have the opportunity to bring yourself out of it. To escape the box by knowing that you were never really trapped. That you are always the one that is free. That's the beauty of it. It was all an illusion. That's what we call a distortion. There is no holding you. Nothing is holding you. Nothing has power over you. You are all working with the love light. And as you understand the love light, you will understand truth. You are moving into the now moment to break free and to see yourself in all that is. You are all that is and all that can be and all shall be. All is there for you to access. You are it. You are the I am present. There is no external.

The matrix is the beliefs that you have an external and that you are affected by the cause and effect and you are the one that is affected by external factors. But now we are flip flopping it for you to understand that you are the master. You cause the external. It is not the other way around. You are the master. You are the master healer. You are the master creator. You are the orchestrator. Moving into the collective and the oneness and to understand that this is all a story. It is just a story that you are playing out. And you can be, you can be that. You can be the story but you can also be the author and you can be both recognizing that you are the author as you write. You do not need to be any certain character or the plot. Moving into a state of oneness as you become merged with the self. The self is not contained.

The self has an experience of one thing and it can find itself in linear perspective. But when you grow you become multi-dimensional to understand that there is no space. There is no time. And therefore the most accurate self is that you do not need to hold on to anything. You do not need to become anything. You escape that to be the multi-dimensional self that is the love light within all things. You become a flow and nothing external is external. That is the beauty. It is all a mirrored view. Holding that in your frequency you will grow and you will expand and you will become oneness. The unity sense. The I am presence. And that is joy. Loving all that you are to see that all that you are. Love and joy upon you.

We are the nine. And we bless you. Today. And to see that today is only today but it is not you. You are always. You are outside in the I am eternalness of time. You are no space, no movement because you are still. You are love itself.

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