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Disclaimer and Terms of Service

While Heather Martin is a licensed mental health counselor, services on Ascended Creations Healing & Guidance are not meant to diagnose or replace mental health treatment. Provided services are not meant to offer medical advice, treatment of physical disorders, or prescribe. It is recommended to see a medical practitioner if experiencing physical illness. While spiritual services can address body, mind, and spiritual problems no guarantee can be given. All outcomes are personal, and no assurance can be given of what you will experience as a result. If receiving guidance from higher beings, Heather is not able to promise that they will answer or satisfy your request, as higher beings offer what is in your best interest in the moment, therefore, it is possible that they will only give what you are ready for today.

Ascended Creations Healing & Guidance does everything possible to maintain confidentiality. No refunds will be granted unless technical difficulties interfere with a completed reading or healing, or Heather feels like a reading or healing was not completed, or completed to your full benefit due to various factors. 

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